About us

The Facts

We intend on serving the South African market and furthermore expanding out into the African continent. Our priority is to source parts from local companies, and to support local business, and in doing so, serve the South African community.

As a Level 1 BBEEE Certified Company, we focus on servicing consumers and fellow businesses. In turn, we would bolster the local economy by delivering products and services to both large companies and to the home.

Our Story

From humble beginnings, and a drive to bring excellence to the tech industry, Pixel Tech was born. With youth and experience to their name, the founders drove forward in a rapid and focused manner, with a clear goal in sight; to be the best in the industry.

Three friends, with over 11 years of history, all sharing a longstanding undying passion for tech and gaming, have turned a life-long dream into reality.

Founded in Durban, the company strives to be a household name in the near future, delivering unparalleled quality and unmatched service nation-wide.

With the founding members having experience encompassing a trinity of sectors, they bring experience to the company from varying aspects of the industry. Corporate, business and from the community itself, we can relate to any level of consumer.

From their early days as primary school mates and eventually maturing to high school friends, the constant theme of tech and gaming perpetually ran throughout their timeline, until today, where they stand proudly together once again as business partners.

Their loyalty to each other and the industry is unrivaled.

Our Mission

From first-hand experience we felt that the current standard of service that was set in the tech industry was sub-par, and that we had to personally make an impact in the industry by creating waves of change in the best interests of the industry as a whole.

Our goal is to deliver retail excellence and professional service in the information technology arena. We aim to bring competitive pricing and a holistic experience to our clients. Consistency and delivery are at the heart of our goals and we intend on constantly following through with our mission.

Being at the pinnacle of the tech industry is our primary objective.